How Much Does It Cost?

For Galleries and Collectors, please visit our pricing page here:

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For Artists:

We fundamentally believe that all artists (big or small) deserve open access to tools and technology that protect their rights and give them influence over how their creations are used. We now have over 9,000 artists who use our tools and platform for just that purpose.

Our pricing model allows artists to determine for themselves the value they see in the tools we provide, and choose to do so only at a point when they are financially able.

We deploy this pricing model with Patreon is a platform that enables millions of creative individuals to work freely on their craft while also allowing their customers, fans, supporters or friends to become patrons through financial contributions.

For more details on why we use a pay what you can pricing model for ArtMoi Studio please check out our Patreon page and read our blog post at the links below:

Announcing Our New Pay What You Can Pricing Model

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