Editing a Collection

You can edit the details, items, location and private links within a Collection.

  • The details of your collection include its title, caption and location.
  • Creations make up your collection. Add and/or edit which creations belong to your collection in the Creations tab of each of your collections.
  • Publish your collections if you want to make them viewable on your ArtMoi website. 
  • You can create private links in the Share Privately tab to share your collection with contacts of your choice. A passcode can be added to the link for extra security.

The Details Tab

Use this tab to add and/or edit the Title, Caption, Location, or any custom fields you have for your collection. 

The Creations Tab

  • You can organize the order in which your creations appear in your collection by dragging and dropping your images manually into the order of your choice. 
  • Set the Featured Image here by selecting the arrow drop down menu under the image you want to feature and selecting Feature Creation. You can also remove and edit creations using this drop down menu. 

The Share Privately Tab

Create Private Links for your collection here and also view any previously made Private Links for your collection.